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Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Oh Henry!" Book Title?

This is what I'm thinking of for my book title. If you follow my Facebook updates, I wouldn't be surprised if you think Henry is an only child. Well, he is my most vocal source of material as Kat is barely 7 months old and her antics are much more limited by comparision.

I never thought I would say this, but I would love to write about my kids and motherhood full-time. Henry and Kat give me such amazing ideas and insights. They are also the reason my house continually looks like the aftermass of a tornado touchdown.

When I had Henry 3 years ago, many told me to not care what the house looks like and spend that time with the baby or sleeping. WAY easier said than done. Well, "they" were right in this case. It sets me on edge sometimes that the bathroom floor is littered with cobwebs of hair in the corners. I used to routinely scrub it on hands and knees. Wearing yellow kitchen gloves. Seriously. The kitchen floor has a sliver of shredded paper stuck to it with some unidentifed substance, obviously sticky and I have yet to find time to steam mop like I used to.

Probably would have a cleaner house if I spent less time blogging, right? Well, this is my outlet, my way of coping with the incredible stress of living paycheck to paycheck and reconciling myself to the fact that I graduated suma cum laude 4 years ago and now make $8.80 an hour after being unemployed for 5 months after losing my job with the school budget cuts. While 33 weeks pregnant. Talk about trial by fire.

And yet I still count my blessings. Being a Christian taught me that. No one ever said life was easy. God has always provided for us, whether it be in the form of an unexpected etsy sale, or a fantasy football pool, or a friend's generosity. For that, I am truly thankful.

I caught myself feeling jealous of someone the other day. She had lost her job the same day as me and now she's still working in a field she loves, making good money, owning her own home. Don't get me wrong- I don't want someone to be miserable or poor but I was asking myself, "Why her? Why not me?" when it hit me that some people would give anything to have what I have. A loving (and incredibly patient) husband whom I trust to the ends of the earth. Our two maddeningly adorable children who make me laugh every day. You can't buy that. No amount of money in the world can give you that kind of deep contentment.

So I'm now grappling another project on top of everything else. I want to successfully write about my kids, motherhood, juggling work and grad school and my yarn addiction. We'll see how that goes. For all Henry's Facebook fans, I may start posting in my blog instead of on my wall.

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