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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Playing Doc McStuffins

Kat & Henry are playing Doc McStuffins.
Henry lays down and is the "broken" toy while Kat stands over him with her little stethoscope and hollers, "Wake up! Wisten to your HEART!"

Calming Lavender lotion

I just used the kids' lavender nighttime lotion as my facial moisturizer Tuesday morning.This means I will be relaxed and calm all day, right?
I vividly remember buying that gigantic tub of lotion in the grocery store when Henry was a baby, and how I stood in the aisle, reading the ingredients and desperately convincing myself that a bedtime massage with this goop would guarantee us an uninterrupted 6 hours.
It's finally almost gone.

Writing Skillz

so proud of Henry and his writing skills.
"Mama! I can write my name in CURSES!"

Yeah, I think you mean "cursive," buddy. At least I sure hope you do.

All Kids are Different

Fascinating how different my kids are, right down to their level of independence.
Getting dressed: Henry hates putting on his own socks and will stand there, weeping tears of frustration while we resist the urge to just do it for him because it's faster.
Meanwhile, Kat will have stripped off her PJs, ripped open a new pack of diapers, put a new diaper on and dressed herself in a outfit of her choosing (flannel Mickey Mouse PJs).
Baffles me how she can manage all that but the concept of "I have to go potty" keeps eluding her

Catching Fire

Dada got Henry a large orange flashing light-up ring at the baseball game last night and bought an extra for stay-at-home Kat. Henry gave it to her this morning.
She cupped it in her little hand, watching the tiny strobe light and looked up, beaming.
"Sank you, Hen-wee! FIRE!"

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Henry's class had their family picnic today (indoors because of the weather).
They were so adorable, saying what they wanted to be when they grew up (2 said they wanted to be librarians. Yes!)
My kid wants to be a scientist because he likes dinosaurs.

Great, he'll be the one to make Jurassic Park a reality. Awesome.

Kat's favorite

I love how Henry is Kat's favorite-est person in the whole wide world.
She fell running on the playground and he was right there, helping her up. Then she threw out her arms and demanded, "NEED HUG!"

He obligingly bent down and gave her a hug, patting her back and they were off running together.
My sweet kids.