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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nice night for a walk

My almost-3 year old Kat was creating her sidewalk chalk masterpiece after dinner tonight when we saw someone walking 2 dogs and she got distracted, immediately wanting to "follow 'dem."
By the time we got shoes on, (yes, we were coloring barefoot), the dogs and their owners were long gone. Didn't stop Kat from trotting after them in their general direction, holding tight to my hand.
It was a nice walk, still light outside and fairly warm so we didn't need jackets. We walked around the block looking at flowers and playing the what's-the-color game which often backfired.

Mama: What color is the grass? Pink or green?
Kat: PINK!

Yeah, OK.

My favorite part was stopping in our tracks to watching an enormous earthworm (would it technically be a "night-crawler?") stretching its slimy way across the sidewalk, probably desperate to reach the grass before some kid ran over it with their skateboard. Kat squatted like a flint-knapper, watching its slower progress while annoying-Mama bothered her with silly questions.

Mama: Kat, is the earthworm crawling or running?
Kat: Craw-wing!
Mama: Do you crawl or run?
Kat: CRAW!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Got your nose!

So I can already tell Kat is going to the *difficult* one to ground when she's a teenager. Henry will wail and carry on but she's the one who will find a way out of it.
Case in point- tonight I was playing the "got your nose" game with her. Kat looked objectively at my thumb sticking out of my fist, reached over and grabbed my brand-new skein.
Kat: Got your YARN, Mama!
Touche, punkin.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Can....

How can...
a 50 lb 5 yr old take up an ENTIRE king's-sized bed, leaving his parents pushed to the tiny slivers of mattress at the very edges??
a 2 yr old zero in on my chocolate stash no matter WHERE it is?? I caught her dancing around the other day with a bite-sized Twix, "Tawk-litt, PEES?"...
Why can't she put those bloodhound instincts to good use when I'm frantically looking for lost keys?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fashion Sense

April 22:  
I was getting dressed this morning to get ready to go to work & school. Henry stops and looks at me accusingly.

Mama: What, honey?
Henry: How come whatever clothes you wear to work you call them your WORK CLOTHES?
Mama (ummm): Because they're my nice clothes that I wear to work??
Henry (throwing up his hands in exasperation): But they don't even have any COOL designs on them!

Well, I doubt my archives department would like it if I showed up in a fiery T-rex shirt.


May 3rd:
New word in our household: Burcon
Origin: Combination of "burnt" and "bacon."
Context: We had brinner last night and a couple of pieces of bacon were burned. Kat scarfed them down anyway while we commented on how she doesn't seem to mind burnt bacon.

Kat: Mmm! Burcon!

Chocolate Monster

Wed. May 7th, Nighttime

I've created a monster. All I've been hearing for the past 1/2 hour is "more tawk-litt, PEES!"
No! No more chocolate! Resist the urge to give in to her cuteness. She will NEVER go to bed!!


Henry ran up to me, grinning after brushing his teeth for bedtime.
"Mama! What do I smell like?"
(How do I even respond to this?? It's either going to be really nice-smelling or disgusting. I almost don't want to know).
Mama: I don't know, Henry.
Henry: Don't I smell like a sparkly bunny that's been washed 200 times?
Mama: I don't know what that smells like.
Henry (rolling his eyes in exasperation): It smells like ME!!