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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bad Choices and Consequences

Henry's been stomping around, making all kinds of noise during Kat's naptime. Jim told him to settle down and be quieter and Henry ran right in and woke Kathryn up which landed him straight in the corner.

Henry: Dada's SO MEAN!
Mama: Your Dada was absolutely right, Henry and I support him a hundred percent. That was not a good choice and you're in the corner.
Henry: Well, I only support him EIGHTY percent!


Henry won while playing a game on the computer.

Henry: Mama! Lookit hot many diamonds I have! One-One-Three! How many is that?
Mama: One hundred thirteen.
Henry: No, it's not. It's FORTY-SEVEN!

Kid is stubborn to a fault.


I was writing up the grocery list this morning and I asked Henry if he wanted anything from the store.

Henry: Um um um....Water and Cantalope for me an' Kaffryn.
Mama: All right, my little Jack-a-Lope.
Henry: An' Kaffryn'd my little WATER-LOPE!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


A 4 year old's crisis tonight....

While helping Mama make meatloaf, Henry's enthusiastic stirring resulted in raw hamburger strewn all over the table, including on his beloved stuffed pony. I washed an extra load of laundry tonight to forestall a bedtime meltdown because he was missing it and Dada helpfully put the load in the dryer. Apparently he did not hang up the stuffed animal to air dry and "Pony" didn't do so well in the dryer, coming out with crazy-matted mane and tail.

Henry: Oh no! She looks EVIL!
(She did look a bit worse for wear, but I wouldn't call it "evil.")
Mama (thinking quickly): Look how her hair looks like it's almost braided close to her head. She's like a thoroughbred.
Henry: What's a thoroughbred?
Mama: A racehorse. The fastest horse in the world.
Henry: Yeah! An' I'm a THOROUGH-KID because I can keep up with her!

You sure do keep us busy, buddy.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breaking a Fall

While getting dressed this morning, Henry precariously balanced on one leg and flailed his arms wildly.

Henry: I have to hold onto something or I'll fall on my behind!

Then he re-thought this.

Henry: Oh! Just kidding! My behind is good to land on because it's bouncy.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Parenting as a Team

Henry's been having some trouble listening and tonight Dada decided no lullaby song tonight as a consequence which sent Henry right over the edge because he lost a "privilege."
Henry: Mama, sing a song, PLEASE???
Mama: I'm sorry, Henry. Dada said no song tonight and Mama and Dada are a team.
Henry: You're the WORST TEAM EVER!

Yeah, I'm not happy about this either. We sing 3 worship songs and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It's become our routine. I feel out of sorts now and I SO wanted to be like, "Forget what Dada said. We're singing our songs tonight" but that would have completely shattered any sort of authority/solidarity and totally screw us when he gets to be a teenager. So yes. We're a team and we suck.