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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spoken word

Kathryn's been working on her words and can say "Moo, More, Out, Dada, Mama and Uh-Oh."
Tonight she added a new word to her repertoire. "Author."
Dada was showing her a book and she spotted the picture on the dust jacket.
That's my girl!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finders Keepers

Henry has been asserting a desire for more independence lately and has taken to playing in his room instead of participating in the daily ritual of rendering the living room uninhabitable. Works for me but occasionally it does push the envelope a bit to let him out of sight, unsupervised, even if it is in the next room.

The other day he wandered out from his room past the living room and I caught sight of him chewing. It clicked that there was no recent snacktime or mealtime so this chewing should naturally be viewed with suspicion.

Mama: Henry, what are you eating?

Henry: Nuffin'

Mama (not fooled): WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR MOUTH??

Henry: Cracker

(Dada brought home a package of Combos that Henry immediately ripped into so I assumed that was what he meant by "cracker." Still thought it wise to verify that assumption though).

Mama: Are you eating the little cheese-filled crackers that Dada left on the counter?

Henry: Nope! I'm eating the cracker I found in my toybox! It was a circle cracker an' it was broke in half!!

PLEASE be half a Ritz cracker.


Henry amused himself tonight by picking handfuls of violets in our backyard.
I thought about reigning him in but then figured once the lawn gets mowed, they're gone anyway. As long as he stays away from the daffodils and tulips. 

He enthusiastically crawled around, snipping up the tiny bits and stuffing handfuls of the delicate purple flowers into his pockets (and mine). We later sprinkled them in their bathwater. Quite Romanesque, if I do say so myself.

Surprisingly delightful scent and even if Kat decided to taste one, they're edible. They didn't do their usual clamor for the bath toys and were  both fascinated with the floating flowers. When Kat stood up to get out, random violets stuck to her and she looked adorably cherubic.

Violets remind me of my childhood best friend, Kat and the little mossy patch of violets that we found while walking in the woods. She talked about how it would be a wonderful place to scatter your ashes, it was so peaceful and perfect. Little did I know her ashes would be scattered a few short years after that in a redwood forest in California.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Moment

Jim & Henry played catch in the backyard tonight while Kat doggedly climbed up and went down the slide.
My favorite moments?
Henry not even AIMING for Jim, just throwing it past him so he would "fetch" the ball until Jim caught on.
Kat going down the slide, landing in the soft grass and holding up her "dirty" hands to me with a disgusted/expectant look. "Yuck! I am dirty and it DISPLEASES me! You may clean me up. Now!"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Haircut time, Rapunzel

I told Henry he needs a haircut soon since it's starting to stick out around his ears. He objected, but not for the reasons I expected.

Henry: "No, Mama! I DON'T want a haircut! I want my hair to grow an' grow so it's as long as yours and I look like Emily!"

We know several Emilys, including a couple in his school and I asked him which one he wants to look like. He didn't quite understand what I was asking.
Henry: "EMILY! That's her name, Mama!"

Yep, thanks for clarifying that.

*Update: Since I posted this, we took Henry out for a "Spoiled Kid" night which involved buying a balloon. His choice? "Tangled" for him and 'Strawberry Shortcake" for Kat. Yeah, I'm not letting his hair grow THAT long!