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Monday, July 30, 2012


Kathryn was playing in the living room, inevitably getting into exactly what I want her to stay away from. Grabbing remotes from tables. Crawling amongst the computer chair legs. Pulling my books off the shelf to chew on the bindings.

Mama: What are you doing now,Trouble?!
Henry: She's not trouble! She's KAFFRYN PUMPKIN PANTS!

Way to stick up for your sister, buddy. You're an awesome big brother. :o)


So Henry's had a rough time with his little pets on the farm. He got attached to one of the cute baby barn kittens outside. Yeah, this isn't going to end well. His "little baby kit-ten" passed away of unknown causes not too long ago.
Now I don't like the idea of glossing over the facts of life, but the kid's 3 years old. We told him the baby kitten went to go live next door at his Uncle's house. Henry was sad for a few weeks, looking around hopefully whenever we were at Grammy's but it seems to have passed. He's stopped asking where his "baby kit-ten" was, anyway.

Henry loves the indoor cats too, especially my mother's good-natured tiger cat, Scooter. Henry will do his little high-pitched cat-call. "Scootie! Yoo-Hoo! Scootie!!" Scooter would occasionally fall for this and trit-trot out of hiding only to be enthusiastically seized around the middle and dragged off to be petted and adored.
He NEVER scratched Henry through all his clumsy 3-year old pettings. Grammy said Henry could have Scootie for his very own, just that Scootie had to stay at Grammy's house. It was like giving the kid an early Christmas.
About 5 days ago, Scooter got out and was MIA. My mother called tonight to tell me that they found him. He had been hit by a car and my brother was burying him.

I suppose I can't protect him from everything, but just the thought of telling him his Scootie died just breaks my heart.

Friday, July 27, 2012

No girls allowed!

Apparently Henry and Dada play the "I'm in front" game while walking into school. They cut across one another all the way down the hall. "I'm in front!" "NO! I"M IN FRONT!"

Henry has decided this a boys-only game and was telling me this morning that girls can't play because they can't yell "I'm in front!" loud like a boy.

I corrected him and told him it's not nice to say someone can't play with them because they're a girl. Girls can too yell every bit as loud as a boy. (Although I don't really want to encourage a yelling-game at school).

Henry:"But boys need their own space so they don't get in other people's business!"
(OK, that may be true....)
Mama: "You shouldn't say, 'You can't play with me because you're a girl.' That will make me sad. You should include everyone."
Henry: "But when you're a boy, you can play with me. OK?"

Yeah, about that.....


Kathryn occasionally needs a little something extra to tide her over after her morning bottle.
I've been scooping a handful of Cheerios into one of those little plastic bowl/cups and standing back while she gleefully flings tiny oat-rings all over the living room floor.

Why? Because what happens next is SO worth it.

She crawls around after the stray bits as fast as her chubby little legs can carry her with her face to the floor, hoovering up the Cheerios. Sometimes she'll lift her head to grin happily at me with slobber and cereal stuck to her cheeks and chin.

Well worth the extra vaccuming.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Henry's playing a game on the computer with Dada. Apparently there's a nice little menagerie.

Henry: Lookit Dada! It's a skunk! Yeah! Like Pepe le PUKE!

Not quite, buddy.

Grammy also introduced him to the classic counting game "I one a skunk, I two a skunk..." Henry breaks down into giggles when he gets to "I seven a skunk" and can barely get the "I EIGHT a skunk" out before he doubles over laughing. And it never gets old. I love it. It's the simple things.

"You EIGHT a skunk?! That's 'susting!!"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creating my creations

I HAVE to make a prayer shawl. It's not a want, desire or whim.
I have to do this to channel my hopes and prayers for a successful recovery for my friend.
So I started focusing on her and the colors I see when I think of her.
She's a warm person, capable, efficient and composed. So I need a color scheme that's timeless, practical and comforting, not frivolous or trendy.
No pink-and-black. No bright primary colors. No pastels.

After combing through my stash and raiding my mother's supply, I still did not find what I was looking for. I must have gone through an entire department's worth of yarn and still couldn't find it.
During this whole process, it's like I see what I want to make but it's blurry, slowly coming into focus. Makes me frustrated and restless.

Mom and I splurge on a trip to a mega-craft store and I stalk the aisles, still searching. I started at the clearance aisle because you never can tell what treasures you'll find tucked away there. I found some divinely soft chenille-type yarn that would be lovely to envelope yourself in...but it was teal. I threw it in the cart anyway with some eggshell white for edging, but I wasn't satisfied. I kept thinking of that line from "The Wedding Planner" about bridesmaids' dresses. "She choose teal. Teal! The color of gangrene!" Yep, that was not going to work.

Then I thought of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series and how an apothecary-mystic described Claire as a healer with an aura "blue, like the Virgin's cloak. Blue, like my own."

Then I saw it. "I Love This Yarn: High Sierra Stripe" with tan, brown, slate blue, hunter green, olive and plum. Perfect. My warm colors with some healer-blue mixed in.
Some tan yarn to edge it and then I pictured weaving dark blue ribbon through the tan and tying bows on either end of the shawl. I felt like I could take a deep sigh at last and get started.

Of course the next step is to obsess about what stitch to use. I started with a double crochet using an I hook and it didn't look right and it was a halting process.
 I switched to single crochet with an N hook and it's been smooth-sailing since then.
This is Day 2 and I'm almost on the 3rd skein with 1 more to go after that.
The pictures don't really do it justice, but it really is going to be exactly right
when I'm done.

A few days later. Almost done!

Finished! My first one with a ribbon woven into the edging.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tearful Prayers

This is a bit different than my usual posts.
No Henry-humor or exasperated Mama-vent.

I got an email this week from a friend of mine from church asking for prayers. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She's my age, give or take a couple years, and her son is just a few months older than mine. She is also one of the few non-family members I would trust with my kids if I had an emergency and if you know me, that's saying something right there.

I know cancer strikes indiscriminately but this just floored me. Not just the fact that a woman I know was diagnosed with breast cancer. What hit me was HOW she was dealing with it. Her sheer strength of will and faith are an example to us all. I've looked up to her as an example of the kind of person/mother/Godly woman, that I aspire to be and this has only re-affirmed my regard for her.

We all have people in our lives that seem to stand apart in some way; they have had a profoundly positive impact on our lives as a role model/ mentor. I am fortunate enough to have a number of them in my life. She is one of them. I doubt she even knows how much she's influenced me and how her example has strengthened my own walk with Christ.

So I am praying for my friend (and often crying when I think about it).
Please God grant her and her family the strength to face whatever comes and of course I pray for her recovery. Please feel free to pray for this amazing person too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Henry does just about everything to forestall going to bed.

Tonight it was determinedly sticking a foam sword down his pants before he could go into his bedroom because, "That's what the pirates did with their swords on Micky Mouse Clubhouse."
Yeah, pretty sure they didn't jam the sword through their underpants too.

Then it was...
"I CAN'T go into my bedroom! There's a WITCH in there!"
OK, no more Hansel n' Gretel either....


Henry, saying good night to me.

"Mama, I very miss you in my dreams."


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Kathryn and Henry were tumbling around the living room this morning before we had to be out the door. I should note that Kathryn is getting at least 2 molars now (possibly 3, according to Grammy. I have yet to brave sticking my fingers in her mini-shark's mouth).
So they were laughing and playing when Kathryn flapped her arms and smacked Henry's leg with her chubby, little star-shaped hand.

Henry: Ew! Yuck, Mama! Kaffryn got slobber AND drool on me!
(I've never heard Henry say slobber before. I'm intrigued.)
Me: What's slobber, Henry?
Me: Yep.
Henry: It's 'susting!

Says the kid who picks his nose.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Purse contents

I turned my back for a second this morning....(notice how parent's stories seem to start like that?)

Kathryn had emptied every single receipt out of my purse. Didn't even realize so much stuff in there!
New thought- my purse is a clown car.

Apparently I didn't collect all the myriad little bits of paper because I found her doggedly chewing on a grocery receipt.

Get it? Doggedly chewing?? *My sweet little puppy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sleep, what's that?

My eyes feel like sandpaper. Not sure if it's from allergies or our little Pumpkin Pants constantly getting up last night. Poor sweetie. Thank goodness it's not every night, for all our sake's.

I'm thinking it was either that molar coming in or a tummy ache from trying to introduce whole milk into her diet. So she got a dose of Tylenol and then after that didn't seem to work, Mylicon  Slapped her teething ring away (it "displeased" her) and finally settled down with a middle-of-the-night bottle which we haven't had to do in months. 

 Of course, now she's happily gumming Cherrios while I'm thinking there's not enough coffee in the world to get me through today. Don't get me wrong; I certainly don't want a cranky baby, but sometimes it just doesn't seem fair that our children look and act all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after keeping us up with "Mama!.....
    I had a nightmare
    I need to play
    I want a cuddle
    I'm hungry
    I'm thirsty
    Change my blow-out diaper while I angrily kick and smear my feces as far as I can

In Henry's case, it's also "Mama!....
    I need to go potty! Oops! Just kidding!
    I HAVE to tell you.... some ducks can talk an' some ducks can't (yes, this happened)
    I want to color
    I want a balloon
    I need a treat
    I very miss my friends

This is the part where my mother swoops in like a guardian angel and takes the kids for a few hours so we can take a break/nap but that's not going to happen today because she's out of town.

*Sigh* I want my Mama. :o)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No limits in the world of preschooler potty training

Henry's quite proud of his potty training independance. At times though, he requires some attention and he's not shy about letting us know.

Henry: Mama! I pooped a flower! Yeah! I'm like a girl! Girls poop flowers an' so do some boys!

Yep, that's right. In parenthood, no topic is off limits. At least he wasn't announcing this at the top of his voice in a busy restaurant restroom. I can't believe I'm grateful for that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Call for Help

Henry was "quietly" playing in his bedroom this morning. You know this isn't going to last.
Henry: Dada! I need help!
Dada: You're coloring. What could you possibly need help with?
Henry: I gotta go potty.
Dada: OK, I'll be right there.
Dada goes with Henry into the bathroom. Then I hear....
Henry: I don't need help! I was just joking! I can do this my own darn self!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Henry's happily making a Playdough mess at the kitchen table while Kathryn is getting into everything within her reach in the living room this morning. Then I hear...

Henry: Mama! Protect me!
Mama: From what?
Henry: From the loud noises!
(OK, it's pretty quiet around here this morning, but whatever).
Mama: Mama will protect you.
Henry: Because I'm your son?
Mama: Yes, you're my son.
Henry: No! I'm Dada's son! I'm not your son!
Mama: Where do you think you came from?
Henry: I come from God!!

Creationism indeed.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunshine & Daisies

Burial Bunting IV

*Completed 7/6/12
*for donation to a local OB unit

I used the same pattern as my previous buntings- crochet popcorn stitch, single crochet around the edges & wove a ribbon through the hood and bottom to gather closed with a ribbon tied at the side as well.
It's a relatively quick project to make. The hardest part is not dwelling on what I'm making. With each bunting, I am ever more thankful for my crazy-wonderful children. I pray for those parents who will have need of these burial buntings. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Super Powers

Henry & Kathryn were hanging out by the baby gate across the kitchen doorway when Henry draped a dishcloth across Kathryn's shoulders.

Henry: Lookit Mama! She's SUPER KAFFRYN!
Mama: What are her super powers?
Henry: I dunno...(pause).... I'm a superhero too!
Mama: What's your superpower, Henry?
Henry: Blue & pink.
Mama: Those are colors. What are your powers?

I'm interpreting this as "he's so smart- he knows pink & blue will make purple."
Yep, I'll stick with that.

Voice Lessons

Kathryn's becoming more and more vocal. She'll be talking before we know it.
In the meantime, we're just encouraging her to make sounds and simple words.
She has one favorite sound so far.
Kathryn: GAGA!
Henry: Did she just say Gaga?
Mama: Yep, she's trying to talk. Why don't you teach her something?
Henry: Say LADY GAGA!

Why am I not surprised?