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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family Puzzletime...and Yoda

I had this crazy moment at a church rummage sale where I purchased a stack of 100-piece adorable animal puzzles for the kids. "50 cents each! What a bargain!"
Except that I forgot I HATE putting puzzles together. I also hate mind teasers, Rubic's cubes, crossword puzzles, you name it. My mind gets enough of a workout at my job and then with wrangling two small children afterwards until I collapse at bedtime right along with them.
Luckily, my husband LOVES puzzles and all that other stuff. So while I gamely tried to put the cute little fawn puzzle together tonight with Henry while Kathryn threw the random piece into the works, I didn't last beyond feebly putting together the frame before throwing in the towel.
Dada is now dutifully assembling it while Henry looks on and offers bossy little suggestions.

Mama: Look at your father. He's like the Yoda of puzzles. See his green skin and pointy ears?
Henry (peering intently): Mama! I don't see the GREEN SKIN!
Mama: Noticed you didn't say anything about the pointy ears.
Henry (unfazed): He doesn't have GREEN skin! He has RED skin!
(Dada does have a rather florid complexion)
Henry: He's like the RED YODA!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pavlov's waffles

my first Kat-humor!

Kat woke up bright and early Saturday morning, gathered 3 of her favorite-est books and headed into the living room. I put an English muffin in the toaster and as SOON as she heard that *click* of the toaster-lever, she scrambled down off the sofa and ran into the kitchen, standing on her tiptoes to peer onto the counter.

Mama: Can you say "Pavlov?"

Yep, same thing.

The Meaning of "Uh-Oh"

Kat: Uh-Oh

Could mean anything from "I dropped a raisin on the floor (*gasp!*) to "I did something to the computer and now it has the blue screen of death" (*Meh. Dada will fix it).

Kids' translation- everything's a game

My mom's been teaching Henry about germs when he was on the farm yesterday (ie why we don't rub our hands on a manure-covered rail and stick our fingers in our mouth).
Grammy:White cells help the red cells by attacking the germs.
Henry's translation? "The white man an' red man game!"

Great.....we're not wildy racist, I promise.

Fire Fire

Henry's been having some anxiety over what to do if there's a fire. (I'm guessing this is residual from the fire safety talk at school which they told me he handled well).
We talked about what to do and that he won't be alone and that fires don't happen all the time.
Henry: But what if we don't HEAR the metal detectors????
Mama: Huh? Oh, believe me- you WILL hear the SMOKE detectors!

Lions & Tigers & Bears...oh my!

Henry & I tiptoed to the nursery door to check on the babe in her crib. Kat looked up then snuggled down and let out this ostentatiously fake snore.
Henry: See, Mama! I TOLD you the bear would GROWL at you!!


Kat's having her morning waffle and indulging in a juicebox when she dropped her "dink" in the living room.
Don't know whether to be relieved or annoyed that most of it spilled into my slipper instead of the carpet.