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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scribbles and Scribes

Henry was busily scribbling away on his Magna Doodle tonight writing letters and drawing shapes, keeping up a running commentary of his awesomeness.
He's getting pretty good at the letters K,A, H, E, N, R, Y and O and will scribble all over any available piece of paper. We had a "talk" when he scrawled all over an outgoing bill.
So I'm impressed (and not the least bit prejudice). Well, he is barely four and he can legibly write his name. Scribble away, buddy. Just stay away from the mail.

Henry: I'm writing a letter, Mama. It says. 'I love Dada so much! Even Mama an' Kathryn an' Maggie!'

(I feel special. At least I ranked above the dog).

Henry: I'm drawing shapes! I made a triangle! I made a square! I made a circle! What shape should I make next, Mama?

Mean Mama (mwhaa-haha): How about an octagon?

Henry bends over his work, flourishing this line and that. He holds up a roughly circular shape with squiggles radiating out.

Henry: I made a TALKING OCTAGON!

Well played, Henry.


Henry & Kathryn are still so adorable with each other. Each night before she goes to bed, Kat toddles over to Henry and they both enthusiastically embrace, her chubby little hands patting him on the back, him squeezing her around the middle. Adorable. We're getting the occasional sqwawk over a toy but it's still pretty rare and they usually play well together.
Last night Kathryn was giggling like crazy with Henry as they were tumbling around.

Henry: Mama! I tickled her and she laughed!
Mama: Yep.
Henry: An' I put my finger in her mouth! *Pause* Is that wierd?

Only if you did it on purpose and then don't expect a whole lot of sympathy when she bites.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Kathryn was fussing on the way home tonight (mainly because Mean Mama covered her lap with a blanket and she was unable to perform her favorite car-ride trick: remove her shoes & socks before we reach our destination).
I asked Henry if her legs were still covered or if she managed to kick off the blanket.

Henry: Mmm-mmmm-mmm
Mama: What do you have in your mouth, Henry???

(He had finished the Goldfish snacks we had packed that morning and I couldn't think of anything else edible within reach so this concerned me)

Henry: Mmmm-mmm
Henry (gulp): DROOL!
OK, then.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fish Meat

Henry likes to listen to music before he falls asleep and I've taken to playing a mix CD since I never know what they will be talking about on the radio. Learned that one the hard way.
Anyway, he's latched onto a particular song and wants it on repeat "all night" (AKA until he's asleep and no longer aware that Mama turned off the music. Mean Mama). So we've been listening to alot of Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me" because Henry likes the rhythm. He calls it "Everything Will Be Alright."  He picked up on the "swim through your veins like a fish in the sea" and went off on a tangent that I'm going to record here because I've already let far too many of these little tidbits slip away.

Henry: Mama! He said "fish in the sea!" What are fish? Are fish meat?
Mama: Yes, fish are meat.
Henry: I like fish meat.  What is fish meat?
Mama: (uhhhhh???) Like hamburger. Tuna fish & salmon.
Henry: I like hamburger. How come we never have fish meat?

Just waiting for him to put "Finding Nemo" together with the tunafish in his grilled cheese sandwiches.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crochet buddy

Henry likes to help me crochet. He'll snuggle up next to me and unwind the ball of yarn. Meanwhile, I try like crazy to keep up with him because he has a frustrating habit of clutching a handful of loose yarn and holding it up for me to see, invariably leading to an hour of untangling. But he likes to help and I'm not going to dissuade his interest in yarn crafts. :o) 

 Henry: Can I pull yarn for you, Mama?
Me: Sure sweetie.
Henry: Cuz I'm the BEST PULL YARNER?
Me: Yes, you're the best YARN PULLER!