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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Henry's bedtime pearls of wisdom last night....
Henry: Why do we need to go to sleep?
Mama: So our bodies can recharge.
Henry: I can't recharge! I lost my plug!

Morning Chores

Woke up this Saturday morning to Jim cleaning- he swept, did dishes, vacuumed, dusted the fan blades and was in the process of removing the overhead light fixtures to wash them.
Me: Wow! This is JUST like Downton Abbey!
Jim (rolls his eyes in exasperation)

Git those bugs!

Getting ready to take Kat to the Toddler Gym and was in the midst of packing a bag when she comes tearing into the kitchen, hollering 'BUGS! Big bugs in the living room!"
Me: Show me.
Kat points to the dust motes in the sunshine beam.
"There! There they are! THREE big bugs!"
Then she stomps the floor to "get" them.

Keeping Puzzles Straight??

Kat was industriously putting together her Doc McStuffins puzzles this morning. Then she cleaned up her "messy-mess" in the living room and triumphantly held up her puzzle bag.
Kat: Lookit all dese puzzles in here!
Dada: You put more than one puzzle in there?
Kat: Yeah! Tuz she wants to be wit' her FRIENDS!