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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Kat's custom bedtime routine

Kat's created her own bedtime routine- just makes me laugh how particular she is and how independent. Worlds apart from her brother.

Kat: Want mine book! Tuck me in! Not dat banket! Dat pink one! Den dat pink one an' dat pink one! Not cubber mine feet! Turn mine light on! Sut mine door! Sank you!

Translation: She must be covered in a specific order of 3 pink blankets, none of which may touch her feet. Her door must be shut but her light must also be on the lowest setting because she "doesn't wike da dark". She does not want company while she falls asleep on her chosen bedtime book. If she's feeling contrary and wants to delay her bedtime, she plays the "I haf to go potty" card after being put to bed. which I've learned I ignore at my own risk.