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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bedtime for Kat

3 yr old Kat's new bedtime routine. It's already getting old.
Kat: Mama! MAMA!!!
(Mama rushes in)
Kat: What?
Mama: Why did you call me? ...
Kat: Uh....I need something!
Mama: What do you need?
Kat: Something!!
Mama: Could you be a bit more vague? Something is not an actual thing.
Quit stalling and go to sleep, my little no-nap punkin!!

Potty-training moment

Kat's sitting in my lap, sans Pull-up, hugging me and "checking" my eyes and ears with her little otoscope. Then what she said next made me freeze as only the parent of a potty-training kid can.
Kat: Me not go potty in mine diaper! Me FINE!
For those of you who are wondering, my beloved 3 yr old did NOT pee on my lap. Apparently that was just her status update.

Doctor! Doctor!

Henry plopped his foot in Dada's lap for examination.
Dada: What am I looking at here, buddy?
Henry: It feels exaggerating.
Henry: What does "exaggerating" mean?

Those darn Critters

Noticed a small scratch on Kat's forearm, like she drew a line with a fine-tip red marker.
Mama: How'd you get that scratch, Kat?
Kat: A seal bit me.
Of course. I guessed she was petting the cat's belly again. I was WAY off.

Precious one

I was lying down with Henry the other night, stroking his hair while putting him to bed when I felt a rush of maternal pride.
Mama: Love you so much, Henry. You are the best thing I've ever done.
Henry: Your breath smells like coffee. It's stinky.
*Moment passed*

Pairing up

Henry was taunting Kat a bit in the car. She stood her ground though.
Henry: Baby Kathryn.
Kat: Me NOT baby! Me KAFFRYN!
Henry: Baby Kathryn. ...
Kat: Me MAMA'S KAFFRYN! Dada's YOUR friend! Mama's MY friend!

Pairing off a little early.

Stages of Sassiness

Henry's words of wisdom the other night
"When you're a kid, you're not sassy. When you're a teenager, you're a lot sassy."
Mama: Where did you learn that, Henry?
Henry: I just know these things.
Not even 6 yrs old and he already knows everything.