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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mama is Methuselah

watching the Smithsonian Channel with Henry , some show about Henry VIII's armor.
Henry: We'll never know what Henry VIII's voice sounded like.
Me: Nope. He lived about 500 years ago.
Henry: 'Cause we would need to know someone who lived then an' heard him talk?
Me: Yep. And it was a long time ago.
Henry: Were you alive then?


screaming fun

The kids were tumbling around with Jim in the living room when Henry screamed full-blast into Jim's ear which put an end to the playtime.

Mama: You need to remember Dada is a person and you don't scream in people's ears.
Henry: He's a person?
Mama: Yes and you could hurt his ears. We don't want Dada to go deaf.
Henry: Yeah! Because I don't even know sign language!

Yeah, that's our concern.

Baby Pig!

Jim's reading a chapter from Charlotte's Web for the kids' bedtime story. Kat clambered up onto the couch, peered at the illustrations and burst out, "Hi baby pig! Hug you!"
*Love them*

Thinking about marriage already?

Jim put the kids to bed and a few minutes later, Henry called him back.

Henry: Can I ask you a question?
Jim: Sure.
Henry: Can I marry someone with a different last name?

*We'd kinda prefer it that way, buddy.

Slow DOWN!

Henry and Kathryn crashed into each other while running in the house (luckily neither got hurt).

Mama: You need to stop running in the house. You could have gotten hurt. See this doorway? You could have knocked Kathryn into it and she could have hit her head on the corner.

Henry: Yeah, an' then we could tape her head back together.

Um...not exactly. Did I mention slow down and stop running in the house?


can't believe what I saw the other day in my kitchen.
We were getting our "after outside" drink of water when Kathryn marched over to Henry with two marshmallows clutched in her little hands and thrust one at him saying, "HERE!"
I looked around her to see the snack drawer wide open and the marshmallow bag all rummaged through. Guess I should put my s'mores ingredients in the LOCKING snack drawer. She never scavenged for granola bars or mint tea.
On the plus side, that was good sharing.

No fooling

Kat calling from her bedroom: "Me want apple juice!"
I bring her water in a green M&M cup. No way is she getting more juice at 8pm.
Kat happily accepts the cup and peers inside. "Apple juice?"
Mama: "GREEN Apple juice."
Kat takes a gulp and shakes her head. "No! Es Wah-der!"
Then she dips her hand in and makes a fist a couple of times before I realize she's testing for stickiness.
Oh yes, she's going to keep us busy. :o)