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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lemons & Lemonade

I love how kids view the world- totally different perspective.
It's a cold, gray, not-quite-rainy day and Henry's happily bouncing around like it's 70 degrees and sunny.

Henry: Mama! Today is the BEST day for cows!
(OK, I'll go for it) Why, Henry?
Henry: Because the rain makes the GRASS grow an' they don't have to bend over so far to EAT!

Lemons into lemonade, indeed. Love him.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeding the Dog

Figured out why Maggie kept licking Kat's face this morning like she was a lollipop (she wants her breakfast).
Kat "helpfully" fed the dog by scooping out 2-3 pieces at a time and haphazardly dumping them in her bowl, then pointing at the wayward pieces commanding Maggie to "Eat! One!"
Guess she got tired of the bitty scoops and handed me the cup which I filled halfway and handed back to her. Wasn't good enough apparently because she dumped it back in and shoved the cup at me- "More! FULL!"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cats n' Dogs n' Fashion Statements

Kat wore her *new* (used) Hello Kitty dress to church this morning, complete with a Hello Kitty bow in her hair. Now she's laying down for her nap and I heard her chattering away to herself so I peeked in.

She's laying on her back, rubbing her belly and saying "Nice ow-fit! Meow-Meow! Nice! Ow-Fit!!"

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday mornings

7:40am on a Sunday. Our morning so far:

Kat woke up cranky at 5:30am- diaper change & didn't want to be held/rocked. "Someone" put a talking toy in her crib and when she finally settled down, I could hear that darn thing talking to itself nonstop but decided that was less annoying than the meltdown that would ensue if I tried to remove it.

Kat woke up again at 7am (at least she went back down) and hollered "Mama!" in a tone of voice that cut right through me until I got her up.

Henry woke up shortly after that, frantically wanting to see his Dada who was gallantly shoveling snow. They both bided their time playing dressup and greeted snowy-Dada wearing a dragon costume and a Hello Kitty hat on backwards.

Henry's "shaving" with Jim now. Kat demanded "Mee-Mouf! Waffle!" and is bundled up in a sleeping bag on the couch watching Minnie Mouse in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and alternatively nibbling on her waffle and blowing on a Batman whistle. Ugh, must remember to clean the waffle bits from that later.

My favorite part so far? Kat saying "Sank you!" in her little voice when I handed her a waffle.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


After the English-History questioning, Henry moved onto a History of our Presidents. Something I sure don't have as strong a knowledge-base. That's more Dada's political-science background.

Henry: George Washington was the first President an' Abraham Lincoln was the 16th.
Mama: Yes, you're right.
Henry: Is President Obama still President?
Mama: Yes, he is. People vote for someone and they become our President.
Henry: I would vote for Abraham Lincoln.
Mama: Well, you can't. He lived a long time ago.
Henry: You have to vote for someone alive?
Mama: Yes.

I can't believe I had to clarify that.

Robin Hood and English History lessons

While watching "Robin Hood" with Henry (Disney version of course), I made the mistake of mentioning there really was a Prince John and King Richard. This sparked an onslaught of questions.

Henry: Really?

Mama: Yes and do you know who their Mama was? Eleanor of Acquitaine. And their Daddy was Henry, like you. Richard was married to Berengaria of Navarre and John was married to Isabella of Angouleme....

Henry: Tell me who everyone else was married to! All the rabbits an' pigs an' dogs!

Mama: Those are made-up characters, Henry. I don't know who they really were. Richard and John lived a long, long time ago- 800 years ago.

Henry: They're dead now, aren't they?

Mama: Yes.

Henry: I'm so smart.

Guess so.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My I-Don't-Care-About-Football Post

Ugh. I don't like football.
I tolerate it (kinda have to since I'm married to a serious football fan- the guy's even an official). It's actually not that bad. He doesn't drag me to NFL games and I always know I can get him "something" with his team logo and it's a sure win for a present. Except that scarf I knitted him in the team colors. Yeah, thanks for never wearing that.

So I don't even know who played this year, let alone who won. I'm sure I've heard the pairing a few hundred times this week but I blocked it out as too uninteresting and not worth my limited memory-space.
What Henry VIII was doing only hours after his second wife was executed, now that's fascinating. Who cares if it happened 500 years ago. He was busy planning his wedding for his third wife, if you care.

Guys who can barely read at a high school level winning an all-expenses-paid pass to go to elite universities? Guys slamming into one another to advance the position of an inflated piece of leather? Guys getting PARALYZED over the same piece of leather?
Yeah, I just don't get it. Just like you don't get why I have a closet stocked with yarn and never seem to have the right color/amount/weight for the latest creation that's sparked my interest.

I don't hate all sports though. I do like the communitas of a hockey game although it's been a LONG time since we've gone to one of those.
Meh. At least it's over for a few months...until the draft.