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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scribbles and Scribes

Henry was busily scribbling away on his Magna Doodle tonight writing letters and drawing shapes, keeping up a running commentary of his awesomeness.
He's getting pretty good at the letters K,A, H, E, N, R, Y and O and will scribble all over any available piece of paper. We had a "talk" when he scrawled all over an outgoing bill.
So I'm impressed (and not the least bit prejudice). Well, he is barely four and he can legibly write his name. Scribble away, buddy. Just stay away from the mail.

Henry: I'm writing a letter, Mama. It says. 'I love Dada so much! Even Mama an' Kathryn an' Maggie!'

(I feel special. At least I ranked above the dog).

Henry: I'm drawing shapes! I made a triangle! I made a square! I made a circle! What shape should I make next, Mama?

Mean Mama (mwhaa-haha): How about an octagon?

Henry bends over his work, flourishing this line and that. He holds up a roughly circular shape with squiggles radiating out.

Henry: I made a TALKING OCTAGON!

Well played, Henry.

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