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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Family Puzzletime...and Yoda

I had this crazy moment at a church rummage sale where I purchased a stack of 100-piece adorable animal puzzles for the kids. "50 cents each! What a bargain!"
Except that I forgot I HATE putting puzzles together. I also hate mind teasers, Rubic's cubes, crossword puzzles, you name it. My mind gets enough of a workout at my job and then with wrangling two small children afterwards until I collapse at bedtime right along with them.
Luckily, my husband LOVES puzzles and all that other stuff. So while I gamely tried to put the cute little fawn puzzle together tonight with Henry while Kathryn threw the random piece into the works, I didn't last beyond feebly putting together the frame before throwing in the towel.
Dada is now dutifully assembling it while Henry looks on and offers bossy little suggestions.

Mama: Look at your father. He's like the Yoda of puzzles. See his green skin and pointy ears?
Henry (peering intently): Mama! I don't see the GREEN SKIN!
Mama: Noticed you didn't say anything about the pointy ears.
Henry (unfazed): He doesn't have GREEN skin! He has RED skin!
(Dada does have a rather florid complexion)
Henry: He's like the RED YODA!

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