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Sunday, February 2, 2014

My I-Don't-Care-About-Football Post

Ugh. I don't like football.
I tolerate it (kinda have to since I'm married to a serious football fan- the guy's even an official). It's actually not that bad. He doesn't drag me to NFL games and I always know I can get him "something" with his team logo and it's a sure win for a present. Except that scarf I knitted him in the team colors. Yeah, thanks for never wearing that.

So I don't even know who played this year, let alone who won. I'm sure I've heard the pairing a few hundred times this week but I blocked it out as too uninteresting and not worth my limited memory-space.
What Henry VIII was doing only hours after his second wife was executed, now that's fascinating. Who cares if it happened 500 years ago. He was busy planning his wedding for his third wife, if you care.

Guys who can barely read at a high school level winning an all-expenses-paid pass to go to elite universities? Guys slamming into one another to advance the position of an inflated piece of leather? Guys getting PARALYZED over the same piece of leather?
Yeah, I just don't get it. Just like you don't get why I have a closet stocked with yarn and never seem to have the right color/amount/weight for the latest creation that's sparked my interest.

I don't hate all sports though. I do like the communitas of a hockey game although it's been a LONG time since we've gone to one of those.
Meh. At least it's over for a few months...until the draft.

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