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Friday, July 27, 2012

No girls allowed!

Apparently Henry and Dada play the "I'm in front" game while walking into school. They cut across one another all the way down the hall. "I'm in front!" "NO! I"M IN FRONT!"

Henry has decided this a boys-only game and was telling me this morning that girls can't play because they can't yell "I'm in front!" loud like a boy.

I corrected him and told him it's not nice to say someone can't play with them because they're a girl. Girls can too yell every bit as loud as a boy. (Although I don't really want to encourage a yelling-game at school).

Henry:"But boys need their own space so they don't get in other people's business!"
(OK, that may be true....)
Mama: "You shouldn't say, 'You can't play with me because you're a girl.' That will make me sad. You should include everyone."
Henry: "But when you're a boy, you can play with me. OK?"

Yeah, about that.....

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