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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nice night for a walk

My almost-3 year old Kat was creating her sidewalk chalk masterpiece after dinner tonight when we saw someone walking 2 dogs and she got distracted, immediately wanting to "follow 'dem."
By the time we got shoes on, (yes, we were coloring barefoot), the dogs and their owners were long gone. Didn't stop Kat from trotting after them in their general direction, holding tight to my hand.
It was a nice walk, still light outside and fairly warm so we didn't need jackets. We walked around the block looking at flowers and playing the what's-the-color game which often backfired.

Mama: What color is the grass? Pink or green?
Kat: PINK!

Yeah, OK.

My favorite part was stopping in our tracks to watching an enormous earthworm (would it technically be a "night-crawler?") stretching its slimy way across the sidewalk, probably desperate to reach the grass before some kid ran over it with their skateboard. Kat squatted like a flint-knapper, watching its slower progress while annoying-Mama bothered her with silly questions.

Mama: Kat, is the earthworm crawling or running?
Kat: Craw-wing!
Mama: Do you crawl or run?
Kat: CRAW!

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