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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Da Boss

Henry moved up to the Preschool Room a couple weeks ago. I've been waiting to see how that transition went since some of his friends are already there but others are still in the process of moving up, so his little cadre of friends is divided now.
His teacher said they all have assigned seats for lunch and not only does Henry know where he sits, he knows everyone else's spot too.
She said they have kids who've been there 6 months and still don't remember where they sit. I guess it's going well. I just hope Henry's not overbearingly bossy, but I suppose having the confidence to speak your mind is an asset.

He's sweet, kind and caring but sometimes he pushes it, like when he yells at me to drive with my hands on the wheel a certain way. He'll holler, "Not that way!" if I change how I'm holding the steering wheel.
He drives me crazy because if I don't acknowledge him, he'll kick the back of my seat until I say something or change how I'm holding the wheel to his liking. I should definitely switch their seats so Kat's sitting behind me. And hope that it's just a phase while I'm constantly enforcing good manners.

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