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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Henry and I went grocery shopping on the way home today. He behaved very well and even received a compliment for helping unload the groceries at the checkout.
I had praised him profusely throughout the shopping trip for behaving.
As we were bagging our items at the counter, the woman next to us was wrangling 2 mobile kids plus 1 in the cart-seat and 1 in a carseat. Wasn't an easy task and I sympathized with her while continously praising Henry for his good behavior to keep his attention and forestall a boredom-induced meltdown.
Then Henry burst out, "Lookit Mama! Dose kids are NOT waiting PATIENTLY! They are NOT behaving for DER Mama! That's not good!" Then, when horrorstruck I didn't respond, he started waving a grocery bag around in an attempt to flag my attention.

Needless to say, I stammered out something along the lines of it wasn't Henry's business to mind what other kids were doing, while mentally screaming "SHUT UP!!!" and avoiding eye contact with poor, harrassed Mama next to us.
Good grief kid, when is that social filter development stage supposed to kick in? I know some people who seem to skip it altogether, but I hope mine aren't among them.


  1. Ah be able to speak our minds and do so freely. I admire your son. As embarrasing as it is for us....I am glad you made it out unscathed ;)

  2. Me too! I felt so bad for her- wrangling 4 kids out and about is no easy task as I'm sure you know! And her kids weren't HORRIBLE, just bored, I think. But acting up enough to catch the attention of a 3 year old.