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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Smell"

Fair warning: relatively gross topic but I'm pretty sure other parents out there will symapthize with me. If you don't, ask your nanny/daycare provider. They'll know what I'm talking about.

What is going on with Kathryn's diapers lately??? She's been teething and that seems to be the go-to answer for anything out of the ordinary. But seriously, what the heck?

A couple months ago, shortly after she started solid food, we called the doctor about her constipation and vocally-expressed pain whenever she went. That turned out to be diet-related and we eased up on the applesauce and rice cereal. Oops, my bad. You'd think she was our first kid or something.
Then she was still having a hard time going, even with introducing moderate amounts of plum juice to supplement my breastmilk. Then my milk supply decreased, even with constant nursing/pumping so I suspect it was stress-related from my crazy job.
Kat needed more to drink so we started supplementing with formula.
Problem solved- no more screaming infant during defecation.

And now the present...the past few diapers have been DISGUSTING. How can such a petite-ladylike little beauty drop a load that made my garbageman-brother gag?

Just last night my husband said she was happily bouncing in her jumper when he noticed "the smell" and saw that she had not only pooped out her diaper but her clothing had somehow magically wicked it up her back all the way to her neck.
Gravity-defying feces? What next?
This morning she was again happily gurgling and kicking away in her crib when I came in to get her up. Again, "the smell" and I thought "Please just be gas." No such luck...
Thankfully that diaper was contained but it must have weighed more than she did.

So whatever is going on, I hope it regulates itself before our upcoming roadtrip otherwise it's going to be 9 hours of Henry hollering, "Mama! What's "that smell?" Kaffryn go poopie? AGAIN?! Oh! Dat's YUCKY!"


  1. ack! i am SO SO SO glad we are past this stage. good luck mama mindy! ;-)

  2. Hahaha! I'll be saying the same thing in a few years. At least, I better be!

  3. ah yes...that stage. At about 3-6 mths (when teething starts) a baby's salavary glands kick in full force (hence the lovely puddle of drool) Unfortunately, one of the side effects is a very loose stool that smells ;) Not every child has such an effect, but I have seen some seriously hideous ones (having worked in daycare for about 8 years). So, unless it has blood in it or is causing a serious diaper rash, you just have to push thru this stage as best and as quickly as humanly possible. *hugs*