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Monday, August 6, 2012

Raising a responsible, independent boy (and learning NEVER turn your back!!)

Let me just start by saying we both learned something here.

I'm trying to teach Henry responsibility for one's actions which more often than not includes picking up/ cleaning up after himself if (when) he makes a mess. I don't remember exactly when it hit me (probably happened while I was scrubbing the sticky spot that designates Henry's area of the dinner table) but I realized that he's going to have to start doing small chores or I'll have a 30 yr old "baby" who's incapable of being self-sufficient. No thank you.

So Henry's starting to understand that everyone has things they would rather not do and yet they have to be done, because otherwise, who else would do them?
He's also starting to participate in the household chores now and I'm wildy fostering that interest. Who cares if it takes 3x as long and he's covered in whipped cream from our homemade trifle? 
Dada was getting annoyed at hearing, "Don't stick your fingers in the bowl, Henry" for the umpteenth time and I'm sure he would have preferred that Henry wait until he's a bit older to learn some of these skills. I say no time like the present. That being said.....

My lessons in responsibility and independence backfired the other day when Henry spit milk onto the floor and I handed him a sponge to clean it up. Feeling rather pleased with myself, I went into the living room and a couple minutes later I heard splashing sounds coming from the kitchen. He was dunking the sponge IN THE DOG'S WATER BOWL and had wiped down the ENTIRE kitchen floor. Ugh.

Part of me was rather impressed because I couldn't wipe down that floor in the mere seconds it took him. Now how to harness that energy??

Lesson learned: When teaching your 3 yr old a lesson, DON'T leave them to their own devices because you'll be disinfecting the entire room instead of swiping up a mouthful of milk.

Mama 1: Henry 1


  1. It is it wrong that I would have thought - great! the whole floor is wiped up now, we're good to go!

  2. I thought that too! I'm sure there were days when I would have just left it as is until the next mopping.