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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday mornings

7:40am on a Sunday. Our morning so far:

Kat woke up cranky at 5:30am- diaper change & didn't want to be held/rocked. "Someone" put a talking toy in her crib and when she finally settled down, I could hear that darn thing talking to itself nonstop but decided that was less annoying than the meltdown that would ensue if I tried to remove it.

Kat woke up again at 7am (at least she went back down) and hollered "Mama!" in a tone of voice that cut right through me until I got her up.

Henry woke up shortly after that, frantically wanting to see his Dada who was gallantly shoveling snow. They both bided their time playing dressup and greeted snowy-Dada wearing a dragon costume and a Hello Kitty hat on backwards.

Henry's "shaving" with Jim now. Kat demanded "Mee-Mouf! Waffle!" and is bundled up in a sleeping bag on the couch watching Minnie Mouse in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and alternatively nibbling on her waffle and blowing on a Batman whistle. Ugh, must remember to clean the waffle bits from that later.

My favorite part so far? Kat saying "Sank you!" in her little voice when I handed her a waffle.

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