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Sunday, September 29, 2013

To Play or Not to Play

I can't help but shake my head at this. I think my kids totally screw with me sometimes.
Last weekend I brought both of them straight to a football game after church to see Dada refereeing. I packed chairs, snacks, drinks, toys and more snacks. They spent most of the time wrestling around and tackling each other which usually would have been OK except they were both in their going-to-church clothes... and ended up with grass & dirt stains on their khakis and pretty white tights.
Today I thought I would be one step ahead of them (haha) and change them BEFORE we went to the field so I played octopus-Mom and changed both of them in the church bathroom as one would try to open the door and escape while I was wrangling the other into jeans or shoes.
They BOTH sat quietly on the blanket and ate their grapes and pretzels. In their play clothes. With permission to run around and be tumbly-kids.

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  1. That's just what kids do. I love the description of octopus mom. That's what I feel like most days with my kids.