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Friday, March 15, 2013

Nice deer, Good deer

Henry and I saw a herd of deer grazing as we were leaving his school. Since no one was behind us, I slowed down so he could count them. He got all excited when one perked up to look at us slowing to a crawl to gawk at them like city-people.
Henry was concerned that deer were "mean" and wanted to know why some people hunt them.

Mama: Some people eat deer.
Henry: Yuck! I don't like deer meat!
Mama; You've never had deer meat. It's called venison.
Mama: No, VENISON!

What followed was an exhaustive discussion on various meats and "why are cows called beef and pigs are pork but chicken is just chicken and turkey is just turkey... huh? huh? why? WHY??!!"

Henry still insists he doesn't like deer meat. Good, don't eat Bambi. I'm OK with that.

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