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Sunday, October 28, 2012


As an added bonus to all this rainy-windy weather....

The worms have ventured forth. Or they were washed out. Either way, they are above-ground. I found this out when we walked into church this morning across a parking lot strewn with soggy, squiggly (occasionally squished) WORMS.
Ugh, I hated the thought of stepping on them and did a lot of side-stepping and tiptoeing which naturally drew Henry's attention. Once he found out what those pale stringy forms were, he was FASCINATED and rattled off a thousand questions which all included the word WHY.

On the way back to our car afterwards, he bent down, peering at one close to our car as I opened the doors and loaded our things.

Henry: Mama, I touched a worm!
(OK, knew that was coming. Did NOT see what came after, and I totally should have anticipated this.)
Mama: Great.
Henry: Can I lick my finger?
Mama: NO! Thank you for asking.
Henry: Too late!

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