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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Day in the Life of....

* Heated my coffee up in the microwave for a few seconds this morning and didn't get to it right away. Henry heard the beeping and ran to it- "I checking the microwave!!"
I wasn't worried because it's up high and out of his I thought....
He was standing on the tops of the iced tea bottles and pushing the "open" button when I got to him. Freakin' innovative kid.

* Henry talking to Kathryn who was fussing in her crib.
"It's OK Baby Kathryn....Maggie's here....Mama's here....Dada coming home....Me still here."
I love that the dog was first on his comfort list.

* Kat is definitely my little Piglet. She has taken to eating solid food like she's been doing it her whole life.
I was holding her & eating a pear and she was eyeing it so i let her lick it to see what she would do. Her face lit up and she started kicking excitedly, reached out, grabbed the pear and tried to shove it in her mouth.
Piglet indeed.

* Kathryn has officially found an independant means of being mobile. Look out! Rolling baby! (She just rolled to her diaper bag and started chewing on the strap).

* a mother's love: what you feel after your infant keeps you up night after night until you are dead tired....but then when they see you in the morning, they smile a completely joyful toothless grin.

*Me: Henry, what do you want to drink with lunch?
Henry: Maple juice!!
Took me a minute to figure out that he was not in fact asking to drink maple syrup and really wanted grape juice.

* So that rice cereal worked- tided her over until morning and we got almost a full night's sleep- aside from staying up past midnight studying and Henry coming into our room in the middle of the night. Still... was a good night. :o)

* She was driving me crazy getting up at midnight, 2 and 4 every night to eat. Then Jim would get up between 4-7am to go to work and Henry was up by 8am. soooo tired....

* Still hard to wake up this morning. Henry jumped on the bed all bright-eyed and chippper- "I awake Mama!" Yeah, no kidding. Wish I didn't have to limit my coffee intake but I don't want Kat vibrating in her chair even when it's off!

* So Kat had her first solid food tonight- rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She was a little piglet- seemed more hungry and determined than Henry was @ 4 months. Maybe she'll give me a few weeks of sleeping through the night....before she starts teething!

* Me: "Henry, what did you do at school today?"
Henry: "Drank water."

* Did not see that one coming!It's so hard to keep a straight face. I usually have to cover my mouth and turn around. Especially when I have to discipline. So freakin precocious.

* Kat got her shots today and is hating life. Poor baby.
So the stats are: 13 lbs 14 oz, 24 1/4 inches and her head is 16 inches. Doing well.
Ready to start solid food- maybe she'll stop getting up 3x a night wanting to eat.

* Kat has her 4 month checkup today. Great, except that because they kept rescheduling it.... she'll be 5 months next week.

* just finished the most adorable lilac bonnet with white ruffles for Kat. So many compliments on it today- made me feel so proud of her. :o)

* Can't find the camera!!! Last time I saw it, Henry had it.......... Could be anywhere.
* I did ask Henry. He spread out his hands and said, "I don't know!"
* Jim found it- fell behind the desk drawer. My hero.

* Jim took away Henry's football when it was time to brush teeth for bed.
Henry: "No Dada! You don't take footballs away from FOOTBALL GUYS!!"
Jim (who is actually a football referee): Yeah, buddy. I kind of do."

* Me: "Henry, please stop jumping on the couch" (OK, I admit I was not calmly polite)
Henry: "No Mama! I jumping on the trampoline like Cousin Jack!"
Breathe in....Breathe out.... It's gonna be a great day!

* Have discovered a guaranteed way to make Kathryn laugh....Henry!
Whenever he laughs, so does she. Love it.

* Kathryn started laughing today. Love it- she's been doing the huge open-mouthed grin and now I get to hear her adorable joyful baby-giggles.

* ‎3 years ago today- I was achy & sore, but content holding my 5-hour-old son, calling in to work & telling them Henry came 2 weeks early (on the full moon!)
Learning that breastfeeding is an acquired skill and also seeing my own mother in a whole new light. Nothing like childbirth to change that relationship. :o)
Thanks to my amazing husband, mother & midwife for staying by my side throughout Henry's wonderful birth!

* Henry told Jim that "He was done playing games" while getting ready for bed tonight.

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